Sometimes numbers tell the most interesting stories about our world.

The world is a complicated place. Data informs and influences every moment of our lives and yet we are also storytellers by design. That is why Volume’s new voice note show combines the numbers in our lives with well-reported stories all in a five minute package.

We will start with three numbers each week, explain why each is important and tell the story behind them that matters. Each episode will pose a different set of numbers, ask a different set of questions, explore a different important issue and hold a different set of people to account.

We will also use the WhatsApp platform to gather information on important topics from hard to reach places.

We see that building this community of contributors to journalism and consumers of the stories as a real innovation. We will tell interesting and innovative stories about these places and combine them seamlessly with the data, serving the voice note show directly to the people who helped to build the dataset.
Presented by Lutfiyah Suliman & Paul McNally

You can also get Colourful Numbers wherever you get your podcasts.