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We are a growing company looking for talented people to join our team. We aren’t looking for employees who work according to strict KPAs, but for team members who can expand and evolve their roles within the team by making Volume grow. We are always excited to meet someone who can bring something new and unexpected to the team. Any one whose skill set or experience can overlaps with more than one of the open positions below will be a valuable addition to the team.

Software Development

We have room on our team for a software engineer to help us develop our platform and products further, contribute new ideas about how we can improve our services, and become a core member of our team. We don’t just want your technical expertise, we also want your creative input. We are preferably someone who can do back-end development, but has some front-end experience.


  • Experience with Javascript, Jquery, Typescript, SQL, and Node.js

  • Any front-end, UX, or UI experience will be advantageous


  • Maintaining the Volume web application

  • Developing new features and implementing the back- and front-end

Design & Communication

We are looking for a creative and skilled individual to take on our design and communication responsibilities. Because we are such a young company, you will have a lot of creative freedom to make the Volume brand your own, experiment, and expanding your role by bringing new design, marketing, and communication ideas to the table.


  • Experience with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite (especially Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign)

  • Experience in marketing

  • Any copyrighting or social media management experience will be extremely advantageous.


  • Creating all visual designs for Volume marketing and communication

  • Coming up with new ideas for Volume’s design and communication strategy

  • Overseeing Volume’s social media and communication channels

  • Collaborating with the software developer in terms of web design elements as well as software user-interface design.

  • Preparing all print-material

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