Our Story


Be Local. Be Brilliant

Journalist and Volume co-founder Paul McNally went on a Knight Visiting Nieman Fellowship at Harvard in 2016 to research how to improve community radio in Africa. He gathered a wealth of information from the folk at The Nieman Foundation and MIT and returned to South Africa to try and implement a way to fix a news problem for millions of radio listeners who are often incredibly poor and based in hard to reach areas. There was very little news being served to these people and the sector was in severe financial trouble. 

McNally met Roland Perold in June 2017. Perold had worked in product development for several years and was fascinated with the idea of using technology to improve news distribution in Africa. 

Together they founded Volume and incubated their ideas and passion as one of the first cohort of JAMLab fellows, at a technology and innovation precinct in Johannesburg. 

After six months in the accelerator they had a clear path for how to improve the news in these areas and attract advertising revenue so the community stations could be more sustainable.

In December 2017 they won a grant from The South African Innovation Media Programme. They were chosen as one of the best media innovations in the country from 100s of entries. Volume, with SAMIP, are now busy working to enhance their platform and attract early adopters from every corner of the community radio sector to improve this vital and under-resourced space for everyone.