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With Volume Amplify we offer clients the chance to produce quality audio content and instantly distribute it to a wide network of community radio stations across South Africa to broadcast to their listeners. Volume Amplify is about helping you get your message out in a meaningful and impactful way through creating valuable quality content for local radio.

Our offering is a way for you to control your messaging for a whole new audience in any of South Africa’s official languages.


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We can produce twenty minute radio shows that expertly convey your messaging in an informative, engagingly style.

We have our a recording booth and editing suite in the heart of Braamfontein, Johannesburg that you can use to conduct interviews and recordings at your leisure.


We have award-winning radio experience producing stories and developing show concepts.

We will guide you through each step of the process so the quality of your show is of the high standard you deserve.



Reach new audiences through radio: There are 9,000,000 million people and over 250 community radio stations broadcasting in 11 official languages.


Single point of contact: We handle all the interaction with the stations as well as billing. Use the Volume web app to distribute your content easily and instantly.

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We have developed a powerful web application to be used by community radio stations to source news stories, manage editorial content, and interface with advertisers. This product is also used by NGOs and other clients to directly distribute meaningful content to community radio stations, seamlessly integrating it with their editorial content management.

With this application Volume allows community radio stations to become part of a network of citizen journalists, non-profit organizations, advertisers, and other stations - thus building a stronger public radio sector for all.


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Volume provides a mobile-responsive web application to community radio stations to help digitally manage their editorial content.

Newsrooms can create, edit, organize, and download stories through an easy-to-use and intuitive system. Volume thus provides a digital tool for community radio stations that are often under funded and under resources.

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With Volume Community, newsrooms can digitally source stories directly from journalists, NGOs, and other organizations. They have access to an automatically updating newswires from which they can pick and organize editorial content for broadcasting.

The aim of Volume Community is to form part of community radio newsroom’s existing editorial infrastructures and become an indispensable part of how they source, produce, and develop quality broadcasting.

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Volume Community allows community and citizen journalists to directly upload their content to local radio stations from their mobile phones. This not only allows community radio stations to source relevant stories for its local listeners, but also allows journalists easier access to mainstream media, helping them develop their journalistic skills and careers.



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Volume Community gives organizations such as NGOs a digital platform to directly distribute relevant and meaningful stories to community radio stations, thus giving them a powerful channel to communicate with local communities.

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Clients who want to advertise to local communities can use Volume Community to directly distribute content to community radio station newsrooms.

This allows clients to reach an audience at the most local levels of their target market, while also revitalizing community radio stations with a new source of revenue.

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