“What’s Crap on WhatsApp?” is the first show of its kind. 

It focuses on fighting WhatsApp misinformation on WhatsApp in a format designed for WhatsApp.

It is a five minute radio show designed for the platform and distributed as a voice note to almost 2000 users. 

We have already debunked stories about elaborate crimes, absurd scams and mind blowing payouts

Behind the scenes we are cataloging the very worst of WhatsApp and debunking the stories that are travelling the furthest in the shortest time across South Africa.

Fact-checking organisations have traditionally tried to attract readers to websites, video and social media. But we’re taking our show to people on WhatsApp in a format widely used on the platform.

Subscribers will be able to quickly forward false information to us and receive the monthly show without leaving the app. When subscribers receive a story that is debunked in the show an easy rebuttal for them will be to simply forward the show as an audio file within the platform.

Listen to What’s Crap on WhatsApp


Get a new voice note audio show each month by adding the number +27 82 709 3527 into your contact list and sending that number a WhatsApp message.


You can also visit What’s Crap on WhatsApp to listen to previous episodes, or wherever you get your podcasts.